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E Cigarettes Are Here to Stay

There is no doubt that many people who are addicted to tobacco products would like to quit. The reasons for them wanting to quit are many but one of the principal reasons is because of the harm that long-term tobacco usage will cause to a person’s health. However, quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. Many long-time cigarette smokers have had great difficulty in quitting.

What are some of the ways that longtime smokers have tried when quitting tobacco products. One of the more common methods is the usage of gum. There is gum on the market that contains nicotine which allows a previous smoker to have casual withdrawals of the nicotine craving. Many previous smokers have found this to be very successful.

Another option that is commonly used for smokers who are trying to quit is the nicotine patch. The nicotine patch is placed somewhere on the arm and emits a steady secretion of nicotine into the bloodstream. As with the nicotine gum this process allows for the smoker to casually withdraw from the nicotine symptoms.

A recent product that has been gaining popularity is the usage of these cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco use. There is some evidence that states that e cigarettes are safer to use than tobacco products. There is also evidence that e cigarettes is safer to use than alternatives like nicotine gum or nicotine patches. However, there needs to be further research in both these areas as the data that has been drawn to date is inconclusive.

One of the recent dangers of using the cigarettes is the spread of accidental nicotine poisoning. Nicotine poisoning has increased especially amongst young children as they accidentally ingest or expose the e cigarette liquids to their skin. E cigarettes usage is on the rise especially among high school students. To give you an idea of how their popularity has increased, in a recent survey it was shown that within one year the usage of the cigarettes increased more than 200%.

One of the alarming statistics about e cigarettes is that they are not only being used as an alternative to smoking tobacco products but many non-smokers are starting to use e cigarettes on a regular basis. Another alarming statistic about e cigarettes is that the majority of e cigarette users continue to use tobacco products. Therefore, the smokers have not switched from tobacco use to e cigarettes as an alternative.

There are many countries who have taxed tobacco products on a very high scale. As a result, we see that the increase of cigarette costs has risen dramatically over the last 20 years. Governments are also targeting tobacco products with many legislative regulations. E cigarettes on the other hand, do not have high tax rates or hindering government regulations. However, due to the possible health issues many governments are now requiring a standardized nation of the e cigarette industry.

This is evident by the recent regulations that were passed from one of the European Parliament’s. Recently they required that e cigarettes have complete disclosure of ingredients. They also require that e cigarettes be made in the tamper proof product that will protect children from accidentally being expose to the e cigarette liquids and vaporizers.

This policy is now being adopted in many countries throughout Europe and in North America. The World Health Organization has also been busy trying to assess the long-term effects of e cigarettes on the user and people in close proximity. A recent study stated that there is no conclusive proof that an e cigarette can aid in helping a person to quit smoking. Therefore, their advice is to discontinue the use of e cigarettes until further information finds them both effective and safe.

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